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Introducing Ava Madison   
11:31pm 19/11/2008
  See profile image!

This is Ava Madison. She was born on Monday November 3rd, 2008 at 12:53 in the morning. She was 19.5 in long and weighed 7.6 oz. After 18 hrs and 53 minutes of labor she finally came :)

So yeah, there she is! She's 16 days old today and is a hoot! She may only be 7.1 lbs but she totally rules the house hold.

Oh, other notes:
In the process of divorcing Brandon
Moved back in with my folks
Actually saving money for once
And I'm REALLY tired.

Well Ava's fussin, gotta go!

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Guess what??? Good news!!!!   
05:28pm 12/04/2008
  Just letting everyone here know that Brandon and I are expecting our first child this November!!!!! My first appointment is next Wednesday! I'll find out exactly how far along then. As of now four pregnancy tests say I'm pregnant. Plus side effects that I'm experiencing... I just wanted to let everyone know!

06:05pm 03/10/2007
  We are moving into our house on November 1st!!! Oh yeah!!!!! Two bedrooms two baths. BIG bath tub! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
who's fighting??   
08:57pm 27/09/2007
mood: tired
I'm fighting...

Fighting the foo that is!!!


Ok... yeah... so i've lost it :) I'm just a lil tired.
been a while   
08:26pm 24/09/2007
mood: tired
It's been a while since I've been on here or myspace. So I thought I'd just post to say hi to everyone!!!

What's new with you??

Well with me I got a raise and a mini promotion. Brandon and I finally took our honeymoon. We went to Melbourne Beach FL and spent a week there. We went to Ozzfest, beaches, all over. He grew up there and wanted show me a good time. Well we had a good time! Other than the fact that I got a second degree burn instead of a normal sunburn ((and this is with putting on sun screen every hour... sph 50)), brandon drinking a WHOLE BOTTLE OF JAGERMIESTER and a pack of redbull with in an HOUR. Called his boss saying he was going to be back the next day, was completly wasted. Oh, and got a flat tire at Ozzfest. But it was fun all in all. OH my god I want to go back. We needed that! Time away from EVERYONE!!!! We want to go back, I have a week off in november around my b-day... So I'm thinking spend my b-day in Miami and go bar hopping! :)

What else... We rescued two puppies, wanted to keep them sooooo bad but got them better homes.

I think I look cute in the first one. The Second one is Brandon with his catfish he caught. We threw them all back but this one wouldn't let him take out the hook. He used a fish head to catch it and was yelling at it.. telling it that he wanted the fish head back. He tried to hold it upside down and shake it out but it wouldn't come out. If laughter could kill, I would be dead. This shot makes him look fat... He's not. I dunno what happened with it but he's not that big.

Well I need to go. I'm going to go sleep. I'm so tired....

oh yeah. I doubt he read this but Happy Birthday Drew! Hope you had a good 21st birthday!
So.. what's new?   
04:03pm 02/06/2007
  Nothing much here. About to go see a concert with Brandon.I got tickets to a Black Stone Cherry concert tonight for an anniversary present. We'll be married two years in two weeks. June 16th, yessir!

Anyways, went to go see Pirates 3, it was great. Saw knocked up last night, it was alright. Can't wait to see Fantanstic Four and Transformers.

Oh, we have a new car. We traded in love's 04 honda civic 2 door coupe ((almost paid off)) and got an 07 honda element sc. I love the XM radio and speaker system. Not so much the ugly boxy look. I told the sales man that if he sold it to us when he gets back from Iraq he would be seeing alot more of me...

Brandon and I are planning a trip for my 21st birthday. It'll be a honeymoon, anniversary, and b-day present all in one. Were thining a taking a five day four night trip to vegas! it was my idea of course... He doesn't know it yet. But were going :)

Well have to go. Time to go to the concert! Rock on!

Ozz Fest   
05:15pm 10/02/2007
  Let me say something... I am SO going to ozzfest. It's free and stopping ((according to reliable sources)) in ATL and Nash. I am planning on hitting those and also in NC, I can't remember where it's going to be at in NC, but I'm going. Fuck, have you seen the website? Do you know who is going to be there??? Hell yeah, go check it out, see who it is. If you wanna come and need a place to stay/vacation give me a holla and I'll hook ya up!

I am so PSYCHED about Ozzfest! This fucking rocks!

Anyways Evenescance is going to be here on March 28th.. Well, in Nash that is. Still, two hours to see 'em? Yeah, I'm trying my best to convince Brandon. Our tax check should be here in about a week... TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOSH TICKETS PREFERABLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah... That's just about it.
Holiday Time!   
10:43pm 19/12/2006
  Hey everyone! Long time no post!

I just thought I would drop by and say hi to everyone. How are y'all doing? Hope everyone's well!

Life has been busy. Leaving around 6:30am to go to work and coming home at around midnight because brandon and I are out having fun or doing laundry or shopping for the x-mas stuffs (Which is all done now... THANK GOD!)

I leave friday to go to Savannah, GA. Brandon leaves tomorrow to go to Melborne, FL to pick up Kyle (Younger brother) Then heads up to Savannah to meet everyone else. I'm going reluctantly. I wanna stay home, relax, and what not... But were going to the beach for a day. Brandon and I are going on a picknick((For some reason I can't spell tha today...)). YAY! Picnick on the beach! :):):):) Obviously there's not a beach in Savannah so were taking a day to ourselves.

Work, I get friday at 4pm off and don't have to return till Thursday the 29th. All PAID! Hell yeah! And for New years, I'm getting that monday off. It's ok, though... I get a kick ass long christmas! Fuck yeah y'all!

What else? Oh yeah... Winter seems to have brought on some house guests... We have Herman, Herman2 and Hermetta.... Three little mice. Two are dead the third is no where to be found. We have poison and trapss ALLL OVER!!!! Little fuckers shit in my clean dishes! One died in our deep fryer because I left the lid off... Oops... The ONE night I leave it off a mouse falls in it and drowns... Well, gotta go, Brandon and I need to get packing!

03:34pm 25/09/2006
mood: thankful
I'm addicted to Myspace. I'm on it more than I am on here. Everyone is welcome to add me as a friend! My email is roseparadebabe2002@Msn.com or look me up under my name as Rachel.
That's all i know how do look someone up by. I'm not on it often but I'm on it enough.

Yeah, so go there to read my info! Love y'all! Call me or text me sometime the number is 423-504-0501.
09:31pm 04/06/2006
  I'm here. And Just here. This has been a rough week so yeah. I've been married for almost a year! Can you believe it???? So Yeah, I'm outa here.
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Ok so...   
08:13pm 16/02/2006
  I've been sick, still sick.

Life is good, Brandon is at school right now. I'm about to go pick him up. Were down to one car because he wrecked his honda and his neon's engine threw a rod. So I've got to go pick him up.

Anyways Valentine's day was great... Other than being sicker than a dog. Brandon got me roses, a card and came and picked me up from work because I couldn't see straight. Shit, gotta go... didn't see what time it was. Fuck.
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08:43pm 06/01/2006
mood: rockin

We have a new girl at work. I don't really like her. She's, well... A bitch. I kinda hope she gets fired but that's just me and like five other people. I mean, she's so cold towards our elderly customers.

Anyways, I'm sittin here, under baby's screen name and getting ready to go to bed. He's helping Lee and Chris tonight. He's in Trinity's little helper in her upcoming competition.

Ok, Lee is Trinity. Trinity is his Drag name, Chris is Lee's boyfriend and Brandon is helping them for the pagent. It should be fun. It's to Kelly Clarkston's Addicted. I think that's the song. Something Kelly Clarkston.

Brandon is reading this. I think he says hi. Hopefully tomorrow were going to go see my "pimpin monkey" in her play west side story.

Dick, he's playing guitar while I'm listening to Blink 182.... Ruin Adam's song..... Gr.

"You'll be sorry when I'm gone"

I love this song! Yay!

Ok, so what's been going on?

Went to North Carolina for christmas, was moving on new years and now I'm back at work. Vic calls the assistant manager desk mine, they treat me like I'm assistant manager. I so have that position! I love where I work, especially the customers, like Ms. Key and Ms. Moss. They're my favorites. I always remember who they are. I opened Ms. Moss's account and Ms. Key is just the sweetest little ol lady. I love all the work. I do most of it, well lately anyways. All the FOC ((fall out calls)),cc(courtsey calls)), and dc (deliquent calls). I market and do all sorts of stuff. I try my best and I'm having fun. Cept for this new girl.

We were almost in guidelines! I could have sworn we were. Two more people and we would have been in guidelines. Eitherway I get tomorrow off! I work alone on wednesday, which is always fun.

Oh yeah, I'm going to the rock 105 pajama jammyjam with ten years and I'm also going down to atlanta to see sevendust. Well the last one if I can get time off, which won't be hard. It should be fun.

Brandon had me eat deer meet and didn't tell me what it was till I took the first bite. I so took it and spat it out and refused to eat it. I WILL NOT EAT BAMBI!

Ok, I'm done.

P.S. April Grimes likes my brother-in-law kyle and is calling him alot and calls him "boyfriend" which I just laugh my ass about!
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03:07pm 04/01/2006
  Hey, Just sayin hi. Ok, bye
09:14pm 29/12/2005
  Hey there. I'm here just chillin. Geeze, so bored and tired and not wanting to do anything but laydown and tell the world to fuck off. Yeah, long week/month. I can't wait till 2006. This weekend! Anyone wanna do something? Call me
04:57pm 26/12/2005
  Ok. So I'm back in chatt. We left at 11pm last night. Took a three hour pit stop outside of Ashville NC for a quick nap then we started driving. We got home at around 12pm. Yeah.... Long trip. Anyways I'm over at Jayne's. I needed to use the internet to look some stuff up. Brandon is watching a movie that is almost over then he'll be in here. Ok... Yeah, I'm done. Talk to y'all later.
03:22pm 25/12/2005
mood: sick
Hey there y'all! I'm here in North Carolina at Brandon's familys house. It's fun. Were leaving here tonight to be home for tomorrow so I can get some sleep so that I can go to work on tuesday. Anyways yeah. I'm just here. I haven't been feeling to good lately. I think I'm coming down with the flu. People think otherwise. Dumb people.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I will update later!

Lots of love to everyone and I miss you Patti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08:09pm 21/12/2005
  Brandon is under me. I'm sitting in his lap. Say hi Brandon! """Hi"""

Anyways just wanted to say hi. Call me people!
11:03am 20/12/2005
  Hey! I'm getting ready to eat some waffels. Then were going to go look at some houses. After that were off to band practice. Fun Fun Stuff! I love my day's off from work!

Anyways cici's was fun. I can't believe the number of people that were sitting outside of best buy waiting for that stupid xbox360. Stupid people. It got down to twenty some degrees and they were waiting for a game system that doesn't even work! Hah!

Anyways I better be off. Time to check the waffels!
07:10pm 17/12/2005
  Hey. Quick entry. I'm going to cici's. The best pizza resturant/buffet in the world. Then going to go drive around in our new dodge neon! Fuck yeah. New car! Work is great, brandon is great, I'm tired. Talk to you later. Patti call me!
08:45pm 06/12/2005
  Hey Y'all!

I'm sittin here, bored out of my mind.

I now work at a different center... Fun Fun.. Well, it is. I love it. Brian is awesome and They might be considering me for assistant manager position... Anyways I'll explain that later.

Well I'm going to go see silvertide tomorrow in concert.

Brandon was driving the other day and guess what he did??? Totaled his fucking car. Three car wreck. All his fault. Well good thing this is a No Fault State.

So now were down to one car. Fun stuff...

I'm so tired, I'm going to try to get baby to go home. I get tomorrow off and I'm going to SLEEP!!!

P.S. I have a new phone. Verizon fucked us over inside and out so we have T-Mobile. My new number is 423-255-8526 So give me a holla.

Love to most of y'all
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