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Yes, I can play flute...Better than you.

Kit we kanti shmo leh dihg ni. So Hi. Who are you? Oh, you want to read my Journal, don't you. Well, happy to say, it's friends only. Meaning.... Sorry, most of you can't read it all. Oh well, sucks to be you! You can always talk to me on aim or yahoo or msn. I have ICQ, yahoo, msn, aim so I can talk to everybody! Just leave me a message!

By the way, I don't live in Kennewick as most of you should know. Our family is in the process of moving so now I live in Chattanooga Tennessee, zip code 37421. I attend Chattanooga High Center For Creative Arts (CCA for short) and I'm graduating this year.

So what's going on in my life as of now? Well last year ((May 2004)) I was diagnosed as clincally depressed. One medicine led to another which led to another which led to me being me today. I'm still technically 'depressed' but not to the extreme that I was last year. I just get extremly irratable and can rip someones throat open verbally and not realize it. Not as bad as last year, I'm slowly but surely improving. Well I don't go to that extreme but I do get really pissy.

Improvements from last year.
~I'm no longer dating a schizo pyscho freak who used me and abused me.
~I'm going to graduate highschool on May the 21st
~I'm going to college in the fall and will start up band camp again. Booyah bitches, fuck y'all!
~I can sleep with out having to take any medicine to put me to asleep, slowly the paranoia is going away
~I have some really good friends who I <3 to death!
~I dated one guy in the beginning of the year but dumped him because it just wasn't working. There was no spark, yanno what I mean?
~I went to prom and had an awesome time
~A good frind of mine hooked me up with an angel who I love immensely!
~Good things come to those who wait
~I haven't cried in months
~I always have a smile on my face and in my heart
~I get to move out next year and open a new chapter in my life

Here are some pictures to show you how I'm doing:

Terror Alert Level
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